Friday, June 1, 2012

New Interviews, Review = Free Book

In my excitement over putting my first book up for free for a few days, I forgot about posting about my newest interviews with other authors.  Here's the list of new interviews to check out:

 On another note, I've got a promotion I'm going to try for a while.  If you put a review on one of my Amazon pages for a Kindle version of my books, I'll give you an e-book.  This web page has the details of this event:  It's temporary, so get in on it while you can!

In a mirror universe, Jess C. Scott interviewed me back!  Check out her site, and the interview, at:

Last, I'm working hard on the latest H.E.R.O. novel.  I figure I'm about 25% complete on it at this point.  Those of you checking out my H.E.R.O. Superhero Novels facebook page have seen the art for two of the new characters appearing in the book.  (Not sure if those two will be on the cover or not, but creating them gave a good feel for the characters.)

'Til next time.


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