Monday, May 28, 2012

End of (Free) Days

Well, the three day giveaway of H.E.R.O. - Metamorphosis on Amazon went fairly well.  I'd done it a couple of times months and months ago, and had my best success the first time, when the first day had over 1,000 copies "bought" for free.  Certainly not the massive success I've heard of others having, but I believe it's partially because people didn't know the book exists, and partially because people seem to believe that the superhero genre is either just for kids, or must be a comic book, rather than full novels.

This time started out a lot slower, with only about 500 acquired the first two days, and then yesterday (Sunday) picked up pace in the evening and ended at almost 1,100 more just on that one day.  I did hop on some Kindle pages on Facebook and post about it on Sunday, as well as a notice that went out on Kindle Nation Daily.  Not sure which had the big impact, though, since I also had the paid notice on KND on Friday, and it had almost no impact.

By the way, I've set H.E.R.O. - Metamorphosis to be only 99¢ for a while (at least) now.  If you missed out on the free days, it's still a very low price for a full novel (an average novel is 100k words, this one is 122k).  Check it out, right now the H.E.R.O. series is the most extensive superhero novel series of the last decade.

It's kind of frustrating for indie authors to just let people know that we even exist (and then to get past the bias against books not put out by a big publishing house).

I'm hoping people enjoy the book, and that some will give me a review on the Amazon page for it here:


On another note, I've added the first image of a new super from the novel I'm working on now (H.E.R.O. - Gene Front) onto my Facebook page.  His name is Neon.  If you didn't know, I post a short biography and images on my main website of all the characters at  I put more images, and sometimes more whimsical ones on my H.E.R.O. Facebook page at  That's where I tend to look for comments from people, and do a render (new image) of a character when someone asks for it on occasion.  If you have a question, comment, or would like to see a couple of the supers together in a pic, let me know on the Facebook page, I welcome the interaction.

Oh, and thank you to all the military vets out there for your service to our country.  I appreciate what you've done for us!

Have a great Memorial Day!

'Til next time.



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