Thursday, March 14, 2013

H.E.R.O. - Malice is nearly ready for release

I've completed my edit work on H.E.R.O. - Malice, and it's off to the copy editor and WTF readers/editors (last minute readers who have a keen eye and look for things that make them say "WTF is this?" or search for inconsistencies).

I've been tweaking the character for my cover image (and the background), and have that nearly finalized as well.  If you want to see some work-in-progress on that, check the Facebook page.  I posted numerous pics

I'm short on time until Friday evening to tweak the image further (won't have enough time at my primary computer).  So at this point, I'm in a holding pattern.

What to do now?  Start working on the plotlines for the next H.E.R.O. novel!  I already have two of the core ideas for it, created by situations that occurred in H.E.R.O. - Malice.

'Til next time.