Friday, May 18, 2012

More interviews, H.E.R.O. Shorts - Silverlash

I'm not entirely certain how, but I forgot to blog about the release of my short stories, H.E.R.O. Shorts - Silverlash (and before that, Gatecrasher).  Details on them are on my books page at  Both of these short stories are available for $0.99 on Amazon for the Kindle (as e-books).  They also include new renders of characters specifically for each story.

Here are the newest author interviews I've added to my site:
If you are an author, and would like to become involved, here's a link right to the questions page: .  I welcome new submissions, and don't limit the genre.

In other news, my latest short story, focusing on Silverlash, is off to the editors, I've finished the core story points for the next full novel in the H.E.R.O. series, and begun the writing phase!

'Til next time.


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  1. Hello from twitter. You've got a longer list of questions than I do! I think an interview would be great closer to the time I publish. Right now I'm rewriting from 3rd to 1st person. Can I take a rain check? Would you answer some of your own questions for my blog? If you giveaway a book or ebook in connection with the interview, I can hookup with a book giveaway hop and gear the Rafflecopter form for whatever following/liking options you want. The hops are on on her sidebar. I have the favorite author hop Jun 1-6 scheduled, but nothing later.

    I like your acronym. I have one for SCOUT in my book, a middle grade I'm trying to make more appealing to adults. I want the parents who buy books for teens to like it too.