Saturday, October 8, 2011

Change to, pain

Just some random updates....

My morning weight lifting workouts are going extremely good.  Weights are going up every week, if not twice a week for most exercises.  Hit 275 lbs. on my sets of 12 for bench presses, and 16 chin-ups.  I'm reasonably pleased about that.  I've been unsuccessful at losing much weight, but at least I'm getting stronger - that's something, right?

I just updated my website and cleaned up a few mistakes - like which book is coming out next, for example.  I added a new character to the site - Tiriffa.  Sadly enough, the first person I showed her to asked me if she were a night elf from WoW, the second claimed she looked a lot like a Wraith from Stargate: Atlantis, and the third thought she looked like some character from another movie or book.  Sigh.  No, she's NOT based on any of those at all.

The most obvious change is to the background image on the right.  Rather than the flowery image I created a collage of my characters.  It certainly looks more interesting, if perhaps a bit busier.

Brought the girlfriend and kids up to put out all of the external All Hallow's Eve decorations.  It looks pretty cool with a bunch of gravestones, skeletons, skulls all over and such.  Of course, having 80 degree weather in October is unusually pleasant in Wisconsin.

'Til later....


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