Thursday, September 29, 2011

H.E.R.O. - Rise and Fall released into the wild!

As of today H.E.R.O. - Rise and Fall (Book 3) is available for the Kindle!  Shortly (as soon as they 'clear' it) the Nook version will be available - it'll happen automatically either tonight or tomorrow (Friday).

Createspace cleared ordering of my paperback proof copy as well, and I ordered that.  Now to wait a week(ish) to see if the cover, binding and physical layout look good on it before I make the paperback available.

By the way, if it looks odd that I put out Book 3 so soon after Book 2, it had more to do with waiting on the edits and the cover for Book 2, and Book 3 just happened to take far less time for those things.  So the appearance is that it only took a few weeks, when it actually took longer to make Book 3, there was just a time overlap as other things happened on Book 2.

Had a great workout this morning, weights went up on the decline press, incline press, and dips, and added reps to the bench press.  Got together with a bunch of buddies this evening to celebrate birthday stuff, so that was cool.  Bars sure are nicer to be in with them being smokeless now.


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