Sunday, October 16, 2011

Darn wind

The wind really kicked up in the area and some of the tombstones in front of my house blew away.  :(  That's annoying.  On a happier note, while I do have that Halloween video I mentioned before, I've been playing with Poser Pro 2012 and some of the skeleton and demon type figures I've bought to for it.  I can make them wander around and create videos myself.  I made a quickie, but I might see if I can get something creepy going just to alternate with the other video.  Having the same one play for three hours straight might be mindbending.

H.E.R.O. - Dark Research is going really good so far.  I'm already up to 45,000 words.  I don't have an exact word count for what it'll end up at - probably 100-120k, but at least it's moving along fairly quickly.

On another note, I was speaking with one of my editors the other night and mentioned that I'd like to create more H.E.R.O. people in 3D, but hate not using them for who knows how long.  She brought up the idea that having them allowed me to at least mention them in novels even if they don't make an appearance.  Gotta love when someone helps you feed the habit.  LOL.  ;)  It's a good thing, though - I like the website having a lot of heroes on it.  Plus, when I hit 20 total I can make another 3' x 2' poster of the second set of ten.  The first one turned out amazing.  Someday I might go onto Zazzle or a similar site and make posters of some of those images for people to buy.  I don't at this point because so far I haven't heard any interest in it.  I'm a visual person, however, and do enjoy having posters of toons.  Someday if I get around to doing conventions I'm thinking about having good super high detail renders of some toons printed and make them for sale at my booth.  (Not for a ton of money, as with my books I wouldn't price them to get rich, the markup is extremely low on my books currently - so much so that I actually don't make any money at present due to the cost of the advertising and cover art.)

'Til next time....


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