Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book 6, Twitter, FB

H.E.R.O. - Paragon (Book 6 in the series) is in my edit phase now, meaning that I go through it, tweak the story, correct spelling and grammar and generally polish the story.  After that I'll run it through some software tools to help search for more grammar issues (repetitive word use and such).  Then I'll hand it over to my editors to dig into.  While they do their thing, I'll switch over to making a new 3D character or two for my website (and cover use).  Then I'll do the cover art for the novel.

I've got the Facebook page for H.E.R.O. setup - feel free to peruse it, and "Like" it if you do!  H.E.R.O. Superhero Novels on FB  I've got most of the character images from my website up on that FB page now for those who prefer staying on FB.

Last night I joined Twitter.  It's the first time I've ever looked at it, so I'm a bit of a noob.  My handle is kevin_rau in case you're interested.

I've modified to have a place for people to fill in their email address, and it'll be added to my database.  The only purpose for this will be notifications of when a new book is being released.

My thoughts right now are to split out information into how much people want to see:
1.  Only new book notifications - fill out the tiny form on the website with your email address and click Submit.
2.  View only occasional/rare posts by me about random topics (not always related to the novels).  Subscribe to this blog.
3.  See when I add pictures, character art or occasional updates on book progress - Like the Facebook page listed above.
4.  Get random sayings "from" my characters, and probably daily plugs for my website - follow kevin_rau on Twitter.

Hopefully that batch of options covers most people who are interested in what's happening with the H.E.R.O. universe.  Note that #4 is the only one where I'll try out the idea of random sayings.  We'll see how that works.

Okay, back to editing H.E.R.O. - Paragon.

'Til next time.


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