Saturday, December 3, 2011

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I'm fairly excited, I found a way to post the RSS feed from my site directly on my main website.  I added a menu item at the top for ease of viewing as well.  Now people won't have to leave my website to see the blog (which I pretty much hated).

Still waiting on my editors on the fourth novel, although it sounds like the second is nearly finished.  I'll be excited to get it out there for people.

Due to the delays of the holiday season with them, I've gotten way ahead of schedule on Book 5 (H.E.R.O. - Horde).  I'm working on the final scenes now, and it's up over 102,000 words.  Depending on how fast the editing goes on that one it may be out within weeks of Book 4.

Of course, now the mind begins thinking about covers.  I'm going to go with a similar approach as with Book 4, although this one will have a horde of brick-like brutes at the bottom half (all mashed together, like they are standing in a tight space), and some heroes up in the center.  I'm debating doing up the graphics on one to three of the main Goth mutant ladies that appear in the novel as well, since one or more are likely to appear in later novels.

Sadly, the newest "cool" character to me - Borgax - may not be possible for me to do up a decent 3D graphic for.  He needs to look like a robot, or an exoskeleton in this novel, and I don't have good art assets to build that sort of thing.  (Also, while I'm fairly proud of most of my hero character images, I don't know that I'm good enough to do him justice, at least not yet.)

Well, back to finishing up the novel.  Good fortune to you all.

'Til next time.


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