Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Perfection Unleashed - ebook is free 9/18-9/20/2012

I'm passing along the notice of one of the authors I've done an interview with ... Jade Kerrion.  She's put her novel up for free on Amazon for a few days.  Grab a copy while you can...

Dear Kevin,

I wanted to let you know that Perfection Unleashed is FREE from Sept 18 - Sept 20. If you'd like to grab a free copy, now would be a good time. Also, if you could get the word out to your readers so they'd grab a copy too, that would be wonderful.

Perfection Unleashed is currently ranked #42 in the Kindle Store, and #1 overall in Fantasy and in Science Fiction. :-)

You are most welcome to use the social media links from my blog which has a page about the free days:

If you would like a short link to the Amazon product page, feel free to use this:

Thanks and best regards,

~ Jade

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