Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Heart's an amazing thing

Yesterday morning I did a pure cardio workout.  I don't do them very often - only occasionally on a Wednesday when I'm just not in the mood for a leg workout.  (I also need to burn calories pretty badly.)  Anyway, it was interesting to get the heart rate to 150-170 for the first half hour, and then kept it from 170-183 for the second half hour on the elliptical.  Not my best, but I wasn't doing all out sprints either.  (I was *attempting* to work on the HERO4, but it was pretty difficult to type at the speed I was going.)

What's really neat is that when I couldn't sleep at 2 a.m. last night for some reason, I used my heart rate monitor watch to see what my heart rate was out of curiosity.  Two samples, one showed 52 BPM, the next showed 51 BPM.

It's pretty cool to have something in us that can more than triple its speed like that.

I mentioned that video I was working on - I finished a prelim version and have it out at:
http:\\\images\skellyhead04.avi  if you want to see it or download it for free.  It took my main PC over 8.5 hours to render 40 seconds of video (which I then stretched to 1 minute).  Yeesh.  And that's only at 800x600!  No wonder Pixar needs huge render farms for their movies.  It would have taken longer if there wasn't so much black space on the video as well.

Last note - HERO4 (e.g. H.E.R.O. - Dark Research) is up to 65,000 words so far.  I'm way ahead of schedule on it.  At this point I'm now hoping to be able to release it *around* December 1st, 2011.  If you are a reader of my H.E.R.O. novels, then I thank you.  Please spread the word.  :)

'Til next time....


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